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Meet Chie

My passion for photography begins with my love for people. There's something really intimate about capturing a moment in time and expanding it for an eternity. In a world where real connections are often masked with fluff and material things, I've found a way to connect with people through a genuine, memorable experience. 


I want to build a real connection with you. To understand the things that move you deeply. I am passionate about making you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to work together.


My Philosophy

Life is a journey and whenever we're on a journey, the views and faces change before our eyes. We encounter places and people in fleeting moments. It's as if the world never stops spinning on its axis. And we can do nothing but look in from the side, like a museum exhibition separated from each other by thick glass. I believe that in life, there are moments that can reach out past the invisible barrier. Moments that have the power to break the glass and touch our souls all at once.


Photography is my way of attempting to break the glass.

A Life of Creativity

My love for art and expression began at a young age. Whether I was designing and sewing custom garments for my Barbies or building popsicle stick sculptures, I have always been enamored with the process of creation. Of all my memories growing up, I never felt more present than when I would get sucked into working on a creative project. 

I promised myself that I would never stop seeking a life of curiosity and creativity.

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Client Testimonials

"Wow, Chie is truly amazing! Her photos turned out better than we could have imagined. When the one thing we get to keep from our wedding day is the photos, I wanted to make sure I loved at least a few. I loved way more than a few. Every photo of our huge gallery is stunning! She’s just so talented, her editing is perfect, and she’s a fun person to work with! What more could you ask for? When we went on our venue walkthrough with her, we could tell how passionate she was about her work and getting the photos that we were hoping for. So happy we went with her."

- M&A

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