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Chie Endo

Born in Japan to a Chinese immigrant family and raised in the United States, Chie is a photographer, model, and art director based in Austin, TX.  Her work is inspired by her multicultural upbringing and her need to connect eastern and western values through an artistic and expressive medium. Her works reflect her free-spirited, colorful, and feminine nature alongside her logical, precise, and masculine energy. 

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from chie's journal

"Life is a journey and whenever we're on a journey, the views and faces change before our eyes.

We encounter places and people in fleeting moments.

It's as if the world never stops spinning on its axis.
And we can do nothing but look in from the side
like a museum exhibition separated from each other by thick glass.

I believe that in life, there are moments that can reach out past the invisible barrier.

Moments that have the power to break the glass and touch our souls all at once.

Photography is my way of attempting to break the glass."


wppi third place.webp
wppi gold award .webp

Awards & Accolades

2022     WPPI Wedding Film of the Year | Vincent + Chie
             Third Place Winner & Gold Achievement Award

2022     Love Stories TV | Vincent + Chie
             Best New Filmmaker Finalist

chie in front of the camera

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Lucid Voyage March 2021 Lookbook-136.jpg
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Lucid Voyage March 2021 Lookbook-133.jpg
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