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anniversary session @ austin, tx

Another year around the sun. Adventurous couples have a special place in my heart. When Kyle reached out to me about surprising his long-time girlfriend Kaitlyn with an anniversary photo shoot session, I was so excited to help him plan out this significant memory. After the couple celebrated their four-year anniversary, I got in touch with Kaitlyn to start planning out their vision. These photos were going to be the first professional photos that Kaitlyn and Kyle would be able to look back on for years to come.

Kaitlyn and Kyle's shared love for each other along with outdoor adventures truly made this session such a joy for us. I love working with couples that are willing to go-with-the-flow, have fun, and enjoy our session together as a memorable experience and not just for the beautiful photos we create together. As wonderful as the photos are to look back on, I do believe in curating a personalized experience for each and every couple we work with. Because I truly believe the experience itself should feel just as magical as the photos seem. 


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