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Creativity and craftsmanship.  My Little Maria was formed when two mothers turned their passion for people, their acumen for business and their love of beauty into an entrepreneurial venture. Jamille grew up in the United States and has enjoyed a successful career in both the corporate consulting and nonprofit sectors. Regina grew up in Mexico and has led successful business and entrepreneurial ventures in her home country. Now they are both raising their children in Austin, Texas — a vibrant, prosperous community, but one facing a growing need to support women and children experiencing crisis situations from homelessness to domestic violence.

That crisis served as a catalyst for both women to come together, combine their expertise, resources and experiences, and create a venture that would allow them to contribute to their community –on both sides of the border. In Mexico, Regina had become enamored with the creativity and craftsmanship of the artisans who embroider, stitch and create clothing in the artisan communities around Mexico. In the U.S., Jamille has seen a growing community of women interested in being conscience consumers who enjoy beautiful things, but also want their dollars to benefit others.

Thus, My Little Maria was born.


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